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Training Camp Updates Monday 17Th


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Andrew Hirsh @andrewhirsh

Tevin Coleman is back in pads too. Trufant still out.


#Falcons LB Brooks Reed (groin) and DE Cliff Matthews (ankle) are back at practice.

vaughn mcclure @vxmcclure23

Devin Hester practicing today after sitting out the game

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Top Posters In This Topic

Trufant, Antone Smith, and Holmes are the only Falcons not practicing today, from what I understand.

From everything I've read during training camp Holmes hasn't even been out there on the sidelines. How long ago was it he had surgery? It seems like it's been long enough for him to at least be out there watching from the sidelines, but maybe it wasn't as long ago as I'm thinking. Those little scooter things you put your leg on work pretty well. I would think sometime in the next couple of weeks he should be out there at least listening and watching.

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vaughn mcclure ‏@vxmcclure23 1m1 minute ago

Dan Quinn previously said next step for Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman would be individual drills so we'll see if they'll do much more.

Jeanna @jeannathomas

Same first team o-line as last week. Person, Asamoah running position drills with second team.

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This isn't training camp stuff, but this was in the twitter feed. It's a good GIF that shows Willy Mo making a play, Worrilow getting in position to make the stop if Willy Mo doesn't, and Kroy containing and then taking the proper angle to catch the RB down field if he gets past the other guys. Also, Hageman got knocked around and Beasley was held.

Knox Bardeen @knoxbardeen

Heard all offseason about SS William Moore living at LOS in '15. Here's an example. He'll make many plays in the box pic.twitter.com/exUhplQe2o


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