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The Official Will #44 Beasley Ever Get A Sack Thread?


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Waiting.....I don't see it happening vs any starting LT on any other NFL team.

Maybe they should put Clemson Corn- (CC) in the 4th Q verses the Jets to get one.


Jake and other sucking Falcons LT let him have a couple of good jumps at camp,

but that is on Jake not being a top LT, not CC


Lewan owned CC every play, so bad, he started to run the other way to avoid him

It was like Lewan was a huge stone wall,

I am not saying CC doesn't have talent,

he does,

I personally wouldn't have drafted him at 8,

just because he was from Clemson,

-plus the whole Falcon history at 8 DE Jamal Anderson thing.


Normally, Most NFL LT are the Highest paid Dominators of the OL,

a match up were CC will hardly ever win.

Just don't keep banging the wall over and over with no results.

Move CC around.

They should think about making him a BA LB,

or Roving DL that picks the weakest OL gap to rush every play!

I eat crow when he gets a sack verses a number 1 LT,

but unless something is changed I don't see it happening anytime soon.

PS- Thanks for kicking drunk Falcon Great Abe to the curb TD.

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