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Yates Apologists, Make Your Case Here

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He's awful but man I don't know why we have 800 threads discussing his sucktitude. Out of the 50 things that need to be addressed on our team,our qb situation is around 64. If Matt Ryan goes down we are toast. Period. Doesn't matter who our back up is.

We all understand Murphy's law but, that does not mean one does not consider a legit insurance coverage.

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I wonder if this has more to do with liking Renfree. I remember a lot of people crying we took Yates because we already have Renfree.

I do like Renfree, but I hate Yates more. He straight up doesn't look like an NFL QB. Hasn't since he got here. Whether it's Renfree or somebody off the street is fine with me. Just not TJ.

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Yates & I have the same b-day & he played college ball where I live, so there's that.

But I think we'd be just as well off with me at QB compared to Yates & I'm a 38 year old dude who's 5'11" 170lbs & has a noodle arm and I don't know my 40 time, because I don't run unless I'm fleeing a burning building, a bear is chasing me, or someone's shooting.

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It is only one preseason game. Next week he may win the game and the board will be getting on somebody else. To expend that much energy whining about a guy who I hope never has to take a snap this year be that Yates or Renfree is stupidity at its finest. If Yates or Renfree has to start for a prolonged period of time it is going to be an ugly season.

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The only reason,

I like Yates on the team is he is from Georgia.

I think we have another,

so that makes two,

but Yates does blow.

If we had more Georgia Boys on the team instead of letting the other NFL Teams steal the Georgia Boys,

We would be better!

Like how in the **** do you not trade up for Georgia boy,

Wr CJ, or draft Uga Rb Gurley

and many others from GA,,

or who played at Georgia schools.

I don't want to pay money to see a sucky guy from Montana, or Iowa to come down here and play for my Falcons.

TD rides his bike on all day Sat.,

when the Georgia schools are playing and he doesn't scout Georgia

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