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Yates Or Kittner

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better or worse though?

With Yates this varies from game to game.

I'm not even trying to be funny. I watched his entire college career here at UNC. He is wild inconsistent. One week he looks pretty decent & then the next week you are wondering if it's one of those "make a wish" deals where they decided to let some sickly dude get in the game who's never played but always dreamed of being a QB.

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I thought that was Doug johnson

That was Doug Johnson, too

Johnson came in against the Giants the year before & looked really good. So when Vick went down, everyone was bummed but thought Johnson could still get us some wins. That was a rude awakening.

He eventually got benched and Kittner got to start 3 or 4 games. Didn't fair much better.

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Kittner never had a line, or even receivers.

He had McClure, Todd Weiner, Bob Whitfield, Roberto Garza, Kevin Shaffer, Kynan Forney, and Travis Claridge.

Not too horrible actually.

He had Crump, Finn, Price, Kozlowski, and a bunch of guys who had a decent game here and there in McCord & jimmy Ferris

Had Dunn, Duckett, and Justin Griffith in the backfield

The D had: Kerney, Ed "Fish" Jasper, Ellis Johnson, Travis Hall, Brady Smith, Brooking, Chris Draft, Ray Buchanan, Juran Bolden, Kevin Mathis, Rossum, pre-concussion Keion Carpenter & Bryan Scott

ST was Jay Feeley, Chris Mohr, Rossum, Artie Ulmer

Actually doesn't look nearly as bad as they played

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