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How 53 Man Looks To Be Shaping Up After Game 1.

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QB-Ryan, Renfree

RB-Coleman, Freeman, A. Smith


TE-Tamme, Toilolo, Moeaki

WR-Jones, White, Hankerson, Hardy, Hester, Williams

LT-Matthews, Rodgers(Need Holmes to solidify this spot, Rodgers to RT)

LG-Stone, Person

OC-Hawley, Konz

RG-Chester, Person

RT-Schraeder, Polumbus(Also liked Burton)

LEO-Beasley, Biermann, Starr or Maponga(Loser on PS)

RDT-Hageman, Babinaux, Jarrett(He looked like 2016 may in fact be his year)

LDT-Soliai, Mbu(Not sure about Mbu yet, run D seemed better with Hopkins, we need depth behind Soliai)

LDE-Jackson, Clayborn

WLB-Durant, Bradford?MLB(Bartu sucked, Spruill barely played, Akunne was decent but he was sucking air, Akunne I like, PS?)

MLB-Worrilow, Stupar

SLB-Reed, Schofield

RCB-Alford, Collins, White


FS-Allen, (Therezie on PS)

SS-Moore, Ishmael(Godfrey flashed more than any other back up S, but as a 29 yr old vet, its less impressive)

LCB-Trufant, Southward, King




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The only real surprise there is Coleman as a starter instead of Freeman. It's Freeman's job to lose, and from all the reports he hasn't come even close to losing it.

Godfrey will crack the top 53 easily, I don't even think that's a question mark. He played well enough, and has good enough experience to make it work.

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We're not carrying 7 corners.

And we're definitely carrying 4 RBs..... the question is who will be #4. I haven't been overly impressed with Ward (despite his undying praise) or Ford, and Jerome Smith has been coasting.

WR6 is gonna be a hard call too, b/c there are a ton of viable options there. Weems is Weems, and I really like Williams, but I also like Clark and Reedy. And Mitchell hasn't been terrible either.

Only area really concerning me is LB. The coverage got really bad, really fast once second and third team took over.

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