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Yates Is A Pile Of Ish

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Someone want to bump that thread from last year of all the clowns talking up Yates and how good he is? Yeah whatever! I said it then that Yates sucks and I was clearly in the minority there, guess who was right? I was.

Me and you both. We traded a player from a position that was already thin for a horrible player that calls himself a QB.

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Quinn and Shanny are setting themselves up to finally disappoint me with this whole Yates over Renfree stuff. It was glaringly obvious who the better QB was and if they're serious about this "Best man wins" stuff then they need to act now.

This might be the biggest issue for me yet this preseason. You're right - if they want "best man up" then guess what, Renfree is our #2. It's been for a while now.

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Mettenburg seems a legit back-up

Mettenburg should be STARTING for the Titans. Mariota was a MARKETING move by the front office. In fact, i would trade BOTH yates, renfree and a draft pick for him as a backup to Ryan.

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Both Yates & Refree played college ball down the street from me.

Yates never had to carry the team when at UNC. He just needed to not f#*k up too bad & blow the game. He was EXTREMELY inconsistent. One week he would be pretty decent, then the next you'd wonder why he was even on the team. This is pretty much how he was in Houston as well.

Renfree was coached by the man who helped both Mannings become the QBs they are today (they still go to Duke to work with Cutcliff in the offseason). I think that gave him an edge w/ being more prepared mentally than a lot of young QBs might be normally. He was a guy who led his team & I could see him doing the same if he needed to now. It'd take him a bit to get comfortable & adjusted of course, but IMO he has the potential to be a Backup like Schaub was for us or Cassel was for NE.

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things I notice about yates are all bad

yates has a good arm yet decided to lob throws all night.

yates so scared to throw int put the ball where only the ground could catch it most of the time

yates looked more uncomfortable than stevie wonder in a maze

yates had no control or command of the offense.

yates held the ball for 7 seconds and took a sack instead of throwing it away

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