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Since we're talking about injuries in games that don't really matter... ph34r.png


Redskins TE Niles Paul (ankle) was carted off the field during Thursday's preseason game against the Browns.

This one was ugly as Paul's left ankle got bent the wrong way at the end of a running play. The joint was placed in an air cast as he was driven off the field. Jordan Reed's stock just took a major leap.
Aug 13 - 8:35 PM
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Yeah, the Saints defense first team defense was looking terrible. Cooks and Anthony look good though.

Its something weird about their defense. They have some good players but the always look out of position. Stephone Anthony looks nice though

It's definitely strange. It's not like they're devoid of named talent. Their pass rush had no business being almost as bad as ours with Galette and Jordan last season.

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I watched the first quarter of that Aints game. They looked horrible on both offense and defense when the first/second string were in. It may just be preseason but that team had no fire. Sean Peyton was about the only one out there showing any energy.

Baltimore was flat out pushing them around. I think Rob Ryan ate Mike Smith cause the Saints looked soft. They had a couple of back to back injuries to defensive starters. One looked really bad.

Will say that Cameron Jordan and Brandon Cooks looked good for them.

Just didn't see the effort on the Aints end compared to the Ravens. Had the Jets up on the split screen and it was the same thing. Miami and Greenbay first team looked good.

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Neat fact from a tweet about Saints/Ravens game. About halfway through the second quarter Ravens had 17 points and Saints had 11 yards.

Of course, Brees didn't play at all.

Edit, man, if they lose Browner, would just suck for the Saints, not to mention all the other players that went out.

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