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Normally we get NFL Game Rewind as a benefit of being a STH, but I noticed that it doesn't exist anymore and now there is only NFL Game Pass. Have any of you gotten any info on this? I emailed my rep and they said that to their knowledge they weren't switching over but we're still offering Game Rewind for free which doesn't make sense since it's gone.

Anyone get their code for Rewind or the new Game Pass?

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Not sure myself, but I will ask someone who would know if you can't find an answer.

Also every time I see Sth I see Sith. My inner nerd wants it to be Sith I guess.

Is there anyway to change that, so it doesn't do that "capitalize the first letter" thing?

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Lol touché. Season ticket holder.

When I tried to access rewind, it told me that I had to upgrade to game pass on NFL mobile. I no longer have access to Game Rewind like I did. I guess I'll wait and see if I get any communication from them in the coming weeks.

Tug, if you find out anything that'd be great if you could let me know.

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