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Mathis About To Sign With Undisclosed Team

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Apparently the dolphins are only offering around 2 mil per year. If that's anything close to what he winds up accepting, I really would sign him. Perhaps this would explain why Aso would get demoted? (Obviously among other reasons but if we where to sign Mathis it would certainly make a whole lot more sense.) Just conjecture.

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hell its gonna be a meltdown if he signs with the falcons. Its lose lose around here

Depends on your perspective but it can be a win. They suck from mine but I used to enjoy them before because it made me realize there are people out there a lot more crazy than me.

The meltdowns are still entertaining until I realize I'm one of the people who has to handle the crazy person now. :(

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I don't want him on this team. However, if he signs with us, I hope it's a 1-2 year deal for 3 million or less per year. I would be ok with that even though I don't think he'll end up being worth that amount in all honesty. If he signs for more than two years or at over 3 million a year, then I think the team that signs him are idiots.

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@EvanGrubin: Former Eagles OL Evan Mathis has his choices torn to the Jets or Dolphins. The decision will come today or tomorrow.

Not us.

Thinking he'll sign with the Dolphins. Thanks to Geno Smith's jaw fiasco, the Jets season is starting to look like a train wreck all over again.

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