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Matt Ryan, Julio Jones Considered Nfl Mvp Longshots, Per Bovada

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Bovada NFL MVP Odds

J.J. Watt (12/1)
Tom Brady (20/1)
Drew Brees (20/1)
Odell Beckham (25/1)
Dez Bryant (25/1)
Calvin Johnson (25/1)
Eddie Lacy (25/1)
Tony Romo (25/1)
Joe Flacco (40/1)
Matt Forte (40/1)
Matt Ryan (40/1)
Jay Cutler (50/1)
Julio Jones (50/1)
Cam Newton (50/1)
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Guest facelessman07

Jj watt should've won mvp last year dude even killed it on offense. Who really cares ab that bs award

Many fans on here

Hence the past and present bitching

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Funny how OBJ is up there with Megatron and Dez but Julio isn't. Smh

He's ridiculously overrated. Same thing happened with Cruz when he had that one all pro year. Must be because of the market in New York. But if he never had that ONE catch, he probably wouldn't be getting much attention even with the season he had. Speaking of that, he played against mostly mediocre to bad/terrible secondaries. Only legit secondary I can think of that he played against was Seattle and San Fran, and if I remember correctly he didn't have amazing games against them.
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I belive the falcons will win the superbowl this year bc of explosive offense and takeaway defense we have to lean on our strenghts tho heres the MASTERPLAN

#1 Juilio Jones- Feed this man the ball for 1800 yards and 16 touchdowns this year

#2Antone Smith- This year tone will break out and have a monster year 20 tds 2000 yards just feed him the ball 20-25 carrries a game...this guy can fly and make plays he is not the biggest but his football skills are on 1000 feed this man this will be our breakout player he will compete against AP and Bell for the best rb in the league this year i also see gordon having a big year

#3 Matt ryan---Run the ball on every first down and them pass 2nd and 3rd feed tone and use max protect on third and short and fire to white when they are blanketing julio also lean on tolio in the redzone

#4 Hester--Wildcard---Big year on special teams

#5 Trufant---Put trufant on the weakide and Shade help to the otherside and watch trufant island be born aka tufant the tree...

I have tested this theory on madden and i am top 100 i beat up on any and every team check my resume im on ps3 gamertag----SHOWTIME3MILS

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As a lifelong Falcon fan I have definitely embraced the under the radar part of it all. I have no problems with this at all. Matt and JJ have the ability to come and rock the league and blow it up. Those with any sense know they're capable. Especially now with a fresh perspective at OC. A guy who has done wonders with crap Qbs now has one that tear it up. That and JJ is just a freaking monster. Put those three together and the skies the limit really. Anything is possible.

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Matt was having an MVP year in 2012, and that **** Cards game ruined his shot, where he threw 5 picks. It went downhill from there.

He started out last season with 2/3 games with perfect passer rating, then we fell apart when the Oline collapsed to injuries again.

Here's to having a less injury prone Oline this season. homebrew.001.gif

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