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Least Surprising News Of The Day...

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Now you know why guaranteed money is so important to these guys. The rest is just smoke when you get hurt.

But being the starting LT during multiple consecutive winning seasons and an NFC championship appearance and a playoff win is a better resume than any other LT in his time with the Falcons.

Thanks for what you were able to do for us while healthy Sam. We had a decent run while you were here.

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Seems like he will call it a career. I thought he had some talent but the injuries held him back. Also was a failed gamble in giving him a new 6 year deal.


Yeah, I think it was ridiculous to give T-Rex the new deal, especially with his history of injuries --- but hey, that's the way the cookie crumbles, sometime!

He's gone now, and I wish him the best --- just ride on off into the sunset, Sam ---

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