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Which Team Do You Want The Falcons To Beat The Most This Year?


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Im picking the Eagles. It takes a LOT for me to pick a team over the Cowgirls that i want the Falcons to beat the most, but Chip Kelly pulled it off. Dude trying to run the Philadelphia Ducks up in Philly. I hope the Falcons knock him back to Oregon.

honorable mentions: Panthers ( cant stand cam newton), the Cowgirls and of course, the Aints..........

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The Panthers don't bother me all that much. Them beating us last year was awful to take the division in back to back titles, but one season of them talking smack because they finally have gotten their sh1t together over the Oh-so-many seasons with Ryan at QB we've had to deal with the Saints talking sh1t is nothing. Saints in at least our 1st game against them, but hopefully a sweep. I'd also like to see us beat the Panthers and the Saints back to back in weeks 16 and 17 to make the playoffs (tho hopefully we go 16-0). I could see us getting that playoff momentum in weeks 13-17 given our current schedule. I'm really starting to hate Luck too...so I wouldn't mind seeing a complete face-wash of the colts in the Dome either. This "Luck being in the top 3 QBs in the league" conversation needs to end. Ryan is better, sorry Luck. Not even being a homer.

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