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How Do You Feel About This Upcoming Season?

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Really hope I'm wrong, but the run game could be a real problem until about midway through the season. The first 4 games are going to be tough as the O-line comes together. All this I think because not just new offensive scheme, but lack of talent. Matthews is the only player who could start on most NFL teams. With no run game Ryan will be blitzed like he has been the past 2 years and we've seen that movie and it does not end well. So....I really hope I'm wrong! sad.png

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Don't care about any of the rest of what you said outside of the draft as everyone knows we had a good draft this year on paper it was probably the best one we have ever had and pretty much everyone agrees with it being a beast of a draft. analysts, reporters, our fans, and fans of other teams have all bragged about it and given it high grades. Rather it turns out as an amazing class is yet to be seen but the players picked no one can doubt they were high talent and upside picks where we took them. It looks like something Ozzie Newsome would have done and he is a great GM.

Historically, drafts don't begin to have an impact for two or three years. With the rare exception of a rookie starter, how we did in this year's draft will be proven in 2017.

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No o-line, no LBs, TEs are all former back-ups, RBs already hurt, and outside of Julio our other WRs are a rookie and two over the hill vets..........But we do have a new coaching staff AGAIN, Yea I'm thinking Superbowl. When your front office cant draft and all else fails fire the coaches and do the same thing all over again. The Home Depot/Arthur Blank way.

Well, your team has NO defense and NO Jimmy Graham any more!laugh.png

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