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Braves @ Rays, 8/11-12


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Probable Starters

Tuesday, August 11, 7:10 p.m. ET

Sports South

ATL: Williams Perez

2015: 10 Starts, 4-2 W-L, 4.48 ERA, 4.59 FIP, 4.33 BB/9, 6.41 K/9

TB: Erasmo Ramirez

2015: 17 Starts, 8-4 W-L, 3.83 ERA, 3.80 FIP, 2.61 BB/9, 7.05 K/9

Wednesday, August 12, 7:10 p.m. ET

Sports South

ATL: Matt Wisler

2015: 9 Starts, 5-2 W-L, 4.85 ERA, 4.60 FIP, 2.77 BB/9, 5.54 K/9

TB: Jake Odorizzi

2015: 18 Starts, 6-6 W-L, 2.77 ERA, 3.32 FIP, 2.28 BB/9, 7.59 K/9

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Guest facelessman07

I thought you loathed AJ and wanted him gone?


His veteran leadership and cheap contract have been well worth it, regardless of what some fans think

I'd be fine with bringing him back next year if we can't land a good one in the offseason

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It has everything to do with how you make quick assessments of people based on tiny samplings of their play without letting the season play out. AJ has been good for Atlanta.

He's had two incredible hot streaks this season with the bat. In between those hot streaks he had a 2 month stretch where he was below replacement level offensively. His defense has been below replacement level all season and for the majority of his career.

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This is the second straight time that Fredi sent him out for the 7th, only for it to backfire. They couldn't very well pull him after 71 pitches and two hits, though.

I don't think there's any way you can blame Fredi for this. Perez made 1 bad pitch all night and it ended up in the seats. I'll take 8 innings and 2-run baseball every single night from my starting pitcher and I'll win 85-90% of the time. Tonight just happened to be the other 10% or so when a team loses a game in which their starting pitcher pitched this well.

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Anybody know when our last complete game was prior to tonight?

Probably the Shelby Miller almost no-hitter against the Marlins. But something is telling me the Braves have had another 8-inning complete game loss between Miller's outing back in May and tonight.

EDIT: Just looked it up and it is the Braves first complete game since the Shelby Miller almost no-hitter on May 17th. That was also the last time Miller "earned" a win. Just the 3rd complete game of the season for the Braves to go along with the 2 complete game shutouts tossed by Miller.

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