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Which Nfl Team Has Had The Most Arrests Over The Last Five Years?


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You already know that NFL players have the occasional brush with the law. But just how often NFL players run afoul of community standards isn't always clear. Journalist Mike Rosenberg compiled data from USA Today and the San Diego Union-Tribune to determine the number of NFL players arrested over the last five years.

In the past 260 weeks, 260 NFL players have been arrested. We're not math majors here, but that seems pretty close to one arrest a week. Add to that total the six players arrested between teams, and you're looking at a league that has a new legal headache to deal with literally every single week.

This chart will certainly provide fans with plenty of fodder to dissect their rivals. What's fascinating is that every team had at least one player arrested (way to keep it together, Houston). At the top end of the spectrum, you've got Minnesota with 18 arrests and Denver with 16. The Colts and Buccaneers had 13 arrests apiece, and the 49ers had 12, though 5 of those were from Aldon Smith alone.

Worth noting: "arrest" does not necessarily mean "conviction." Also important is the fact that not all arrests are for equal offenses: the chart above comprises both arrests for marijuana possession, which is in fact legal in many states, and murder (in the case of Aaron Hernandez).

There's a broad spectrum at work here.

Clearly, something's afoot in Minnesota. What will be interesting is a trend line of arrests in the coming years, given the NFL's new heavy-handed approach to discipline and teams' zero-tolerance approach to even minor infractions.


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