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Football Gameplan's 2015 Nfl Team Preview: Falcons


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Thanks for posting - enjoyed the write-up and the audio.

One thing to note is that you've got Ricardo Allen as a reserve/sub-package player. Right now, he's pencilled in as the starter and it doesn't appear that Godfrey is giving him much competition. Ishmael is in the mix, but is more of a strong safety than a free, particularly in this scheme (as I understand it).

I liked the bit about treating every game like the Super Bowl. There did seem to be some complacency at times, though I think the game against the Panthers was one where they just had our number (as they had the year before). But I definitely can see how it would look that way, particularly in games against Cleveland and other teams that we should have beaten.

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Nah 2013 I had you guys finishing 2nd and last year I thought you guys would finish 3rd

I enjoyed your write-up and video until I saw you predicted us coming in third place. I then tracked down your Saints preview and saw you predicted them to come in first place. I almost peed myself laughing. Just wonder what you think they did in the offseason that would boost them above Carolina and us, because from my perspective, they got worse, not better.

Also, did you watch both of the pre-season games? If so, how do you feel about about your prediction of the Saints winning the division and Atlanta being 3rd? Because to be honest, the Saints looked like garbage on 1st team Offense and 1st team Defense (too be fair, Drew didn't play and I'm sure that'll help the O) and the Falcons first team offense and first team defense looked great. Just seems to reiterate my previous thoughts.

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Nah 2013 I had you guys finishing 2nd and last year I thought you guys would finish 3rd


pretty good stuff....

after what we saw last night outa the starters, we have hope again.....

looks like we may can keep M Ryan upright, and the D just looks Lights Out compared to what we have seen the last few yrs....

Run Game will tell the tale for sure, if its good, we should be back close to where we were in 2012

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