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Nostalgia Thread! Tech And Toys From Your Childhood

Flip Wilson

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Its so funny. I was born 7 years after that pitfall game came out, and those old games have always been unplayable to me. The graphics were always a deal breaker.

Now in my childhood this was the best Super Nintendo game I had



As early as 1992 the Super Nintendo was almost able to simulate 3d effects, and star fox which came out the net year on the snes was full 3d.

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Still one of my top 5 accomplishments as a human was winning the Super Bowl with the Falcons after losing Chris Miller for the season.

I won the Super Bowl with Hugh Freaking Millen.

laugh.png After a certain point....you can not fail to win the SB...It's just a matter of what kind of stats you put up on the way to it......Like Rison having 3000 receiving yards or Rozier or Broussard carrying the load.

I remember keeping my personal best written down on notebook paper and I was in my early 20s.laugh.png

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LOL, this was back when you couldn't save games and continue them. Want to clear Pitfall, buckle up for 36 hours big boy! I remember a buddy of mine had like a 12 hour game going and came across something that he wasn't sure if it was something that would hurt or help him because tv screens were pretty much crap in those days. Anyway, he decides to pick it up and BAM dead! Turned out it was a snake. lol!

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Does anybody remember the xBAND?

It allowed you to play Super Nintendo(and I think Sega Genesis) games multiplayer through the use of telephone lines? Braves were insanely overpowered in Ken Griffey baseball, and i don't think I lost once with them.

I remember one July we got a telephone bill for nearly a grandlaugh.png

my older brother even got into their magazine once


He's the one from Marietta,GA

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Mighty Morphin power rangers was probably what set up the Japanese craze that followed towards the mid-late 90's. Apparently they are a part of a larger thing called Super Sentai that started in the 60's with action figures and shows and continues to this very day.

Really shows how pure kids are too. It took me 15 years to realize they got lazy and made the black ranger black, the pink ranger female, and the yellow ranger Asian.

I still have a ton of the robots they formed in toy form around.

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Did anyone other than me play Sports Talk Baseball on the old Sega Genesis?


Along with Joe Montana Football and the sports talk version. Tommy Lasorda baseball too (even though the computer was designed to always make a last second comeback with homeruns FFS).

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