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If Allen Turns Out To Be Da Future At Fs

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Then the focus can shift to BPA in the 1st rd. Keep in mind FA is before the draft and I can see Pioli going after G Jeff Allen who he drafted in KC. If not I look at positions with multiple players to choose from. Those are LB and OG.

At LB you have Jaylon Smith, Scooby Wright, and Myles Jack. All are 1st rounders. At OG you have Christian Westerman and Pat Elflein. Maybe Cody Whitehair. That's why I say Pioli might go after Jeff Allen in FA.

So in conclusion if Allen works out, we could be looking at a LB'er in rd 1. Jaylon Smith, Scooby Wright, or Myles Jack could be in play. TE's don't usually go 1st rd unless they are studs. Don't see that this draft. I do like Brown from Oregon tho.

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Yea man, I hope he does work out. That could be great for the team. But I think they will go defense regardless right now, but it is early. We run a 4-3 under, basically a 3-4 sub a 5 for a 3, in saying that we still don't have the front quite right in my opinion. We still need that 3, Babs is old and a FA, Jarrett may be good for us though, but who else aside from Clayborn who has never stayed off the injury report. We need to add talent on defense and O-line. Even if Allen works out it's going to be a defensive player in the first, fortunately with zone blocking you don't need a high value O-lineman. We need better linebackers and we still need to add value up front defensively.

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BB your man Jaylon Smith can't tackle man.He doesn't commit his shoulder he lets the ball carrier get into his chest to often then grabs.

He does the next level and he will get trucked.Go have a look at your film Bro his tackling is average at best.

no wonder he only post highlights, every one he likes sucks


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