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I just got some tickets from seatsmart. Seemed reliable. They sent me the pdf file of the tickets but it has some woman's name on it to who it was purchased by. Says debra something. Forgot last name. But ...that isn't my name?

Ive bought tickets before and they had the original owners name on them - they don't check that! You'll be fine!

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Same with the tickets I got to take the kids to the first preseason game. If I understand correctly it's completely normal to have the original ticket holders name according to stubhub.

Or the account number. Our season tickets have our account number listed. Not a huge deal, in particular during preseason. Last year a friend of mine who had never been to an American Football game (ever) just printed out the Ticketmaster email saying I transferred the tickets to him, when he was turned away at the gate they told him to go to the ticket office and they printed off a dummy ticket to let him in. I had to text him where the seats were once he was in the stadium. I'm not sure that would work in the regular season but in the preseason it's another person to buy concessions so why not let him in?

That was the Dolphins preseason game last year with awful rain, he paid for being so dumb. lol

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