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Jets And Falcons Superbowl This Year

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Guest King Jigsaw

Title: Jets and Falcons Superbowl This Year

First Three Words: May not happen

Umm.. okay.

I was expecting some kind of opinionated post, or one presenting some kind of case as towards why two teams who haven't been in the playoffs recently are now suddenly going to the big game. Obviously you can pick any NFC team and say they could face any AFC team in the superbowl.

Jacksonville and Giants superbowl this year. May not happen, but..

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I'm good. It was a good laugh, not a bad laugh.

Thanks my man. Both these head coaches, in my opinion are special and unique. They both will give opposing teams a run for their money - guarenteed. Quinn says this team is not in a rebuilding year - we are in it to win. The same can be said of Bowles. These guys don't mess around. Like I said; "Watch their smoke." Sounds like a pipe-dream (Both showing up in the big game), but I believe, gut feeling only, both teams will be very relevant this year. My best T2. TF

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