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My Thoughts From Training Camp

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I was at opening day of training camp and here are some of my thoughts, I am no expert and I did not take lots of pics, this is just what I saw and heard

1. Matt Ryan- Had a good day not a great day made some good plays also missed on some long throws. def the best qb we got by far.

2. Tj Yates- is terrible and I mean just terrible. he had a fumble and at least one int maybe 2. Sean looked a heck of a lot better than yates

3. Robert Alford- was prob the best denfense man out there today, he was playing physical but within the rules.

4 Freeman- from what I can tell freeman is shoulders above coleman so far, but Smith looked freaking beastly especially with his sideline catches

5. Tamme- Is without a doubt a huge upgrade at TE pretty much caught everything thrown to him.

6,Hankerson- was without a doubt the best wr out there today I didnt see him drop one ball no matter who it was being thrown by.

7. Roddy White- I love roddy but he looked old and very slow at least to me.

9. Jake Matthews- This was a shorts practice, but he was looking good with no signs of limping

10. Hageman- Whoa there is no words to describe how big and in shape this guy is this yr. will it turn into on the field dominance IDK but he sure looks the part and was getting lots of snaps.

those are just my initial thoughts oh and quinn is a great guy came over and signed autographs and was thanking everybody for coming. I got beasly, hageman, kroy, quinn, and jarret's autograph on a shirt.

ps Im not a big fan of them blaring music bc I cant hear whats being said but then maybe thats the pt. Did see roddy bust a move to T.I.

P.S.S whenever allen messed up he did pushups I counted about 30 pushups total but he is trying his hardest

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Roddy just had knee drained so he gets a pass in early going. Two years in a row having to do that, this is probably his last in ATL.

oh I know he had it protected im just saying its now very obvious he has lost a step, he is a great teammate but is slowing down very quickly. if it was me I would seriously look at hankerson. he has the size speed and great hands so far from what I have seen

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Hey man thanks for the info!

I was there today but didn't get there until 10:30 and even when I was there; I didn't pay full attention because I was distracted by the guy in the Drew Brees jersey and I was occupied with my phone...important texts.

I plan on going tomorrow though and will be more attentitive.

Freeman definitely did look like the best back out there today. Dude is just so elusive.

I thought that our secondary as a whole looked pretty good for the most part. Ricardo Allen is really putting in the work. You're definitely right about Hageman's conditioning and I would also add in Adrian Clayborn as well in terms of how in-shape they appear to be.

The worries about Beasley's size way back in January/February........Hahahahaha lolzzz

Thanks man!

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other random thoughts if you dont care about football why come, there was this guy and lady that kept walking in front of us like 6 times during practice. I about said something.

hester- like last yr hester would make an incredible catch than drop the next 3

Weems- weems missed like 4 catches in a row, Terry talked to him about it

as a whole this team seems a lot bigger on offense and defense finally.

beasly seemed like a nice guy, stayed after to keep signing kids autographs even though they were trying to rush him off.

the best thing I can say is both sides of the ball seemed pretty even for the first day of practice

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No reason for him to be stingy right R? lol

I figured since I didnt take any stone pics R wouldnt care anyways, although not to add fuel to fire stone and ryan really do seem to have a great relationship with each other

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