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Julio Negotiations

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Didn't Kansas City and Baltimore recently try that method and got burned?

If you're talkin about Flacco and Houston, neither team lost their load too quick and both got that last rookie contract year.

Plus you're talking about a pro Bowl QB with a ring and an as beatin edge rusher. Two key ingredients to a championship team. WR isn't.

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Guest facelessman07

So between $14M and $17M. Way too much for a WR. Especially for a team with Oline issues and unanswered questions all over the defense. Let him play out his rookie contract and see what kind of team we have. We might still have holes all over the place. We're a roster full over injury questions, old heads and one year journeyman at several key positions.

Straight up, I'd take Demaryius over Julio. Hasn't missed a game since 2011 and put up more yards and TD's than Julio in a crowded offensive arsenal

If we pay Julio more than DT we're making a mistake

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Honestly I've said all along Julio will get 15 mill a season.

I don't really care about the ermantics as it all about structure.

I know alot of fans get caught up in the final #er x over x amount of years when really alot of that $$$$ can be locked up in performance and roster bonuses which is great for cap management as the money can be moved if we get in cap dodowhich I don't think we're in orwill be in by the looks of things.

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