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Roddy White Downplays Knee Issue, Says He’S Ready To Roll


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Falcons wide receiver Roddy White is entering his 11th NFL season, and that requires some maintenance.

Whether it’s an issue going forward remains to be seen.

White told Vaughn McClure of ESPN.com that he had his left knee drained prior to minicamp, but he wasn’t worried about it affecting him this season. He had the same procedure done last year in minicamp and missed two days of practice, but otherwise wasn’t bothered by it.

“It’s not a concern to me because it’s just like a little irritation,” White said. “My cartilage in my knee is not smooth. It’s kind of rippled. You can elect to have surgery, but I just decided not to because I’m not a surgery guy. I just don’t want to do it.

“They gave me the option two years ago to have surgery. They said they would have to slice off the top of my cartilage, and I was like, ‘I don’t want to do that.’ I don’t want them to keep shaving my cartilage off until there’s no more cartilage. Then you start to get arthritis.”

He said getting the knee drained again during the season was a possibility. Neither of the two games he missed last year was because of the knee problem.

“If I get my knee drained on a Monday, I can practice on Wednesday,” White said. “It’s not an issue where I’m going to miss a game, because it’s such a small issue. I’m not worried about it — not at all.”

Perhaps not, but as players age, the recovery times for any procedures get longer. And the 33-year-old wideout needs to be well and on his game, as the Falcons have many other unknowns on the roster they should be worrying about a whole lot more.


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I'm not mad at Roddy for being a little dinged up. This game must be unbelievable brutal physically and to do it as long as he has, you can't expect the dude to be in perfect health.

As long as he can still contribute at a high level, i'm good with Roddy. Not like he has to be our feature guy anymore anyway.

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