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How Should We Deal With Career Criminals?


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There's a guy, we'll call him RC. RC has been arrested 4 times since 2012 for larceny or breaking into motor vehicles. He broke into my car in April, right in front of my house. We have cameras and caught him on tape. We also have his prints from my door. He was arrested a 5th time in late June after being caught in the act trying to steal fuel from a cobstructiob site which I guess connected him to our BE.

Somebody explain to me why this guy shouldnt be turned into fertilizer.

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It costs more to kill someone than keep them behind bars. That said, if we legalized drugs and released the non-violent drug offenders, we could create stiffer sentences that would keep career criminals behind bars...

only when dealing with the U.S. government does it cost more to keep someone alive than kill them

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I can't think of anything Hugh Jackman's done that I enjoyed. On the other hand, Australia gave us Mel Gibson, Heath Ledger, Nicole Kidman,

Elle Macpherson, Portia de Rossi, and the Bloomin' Onion.

A horrible piece of ****, a drug addict, a weird robot woman, Not entirely sure who Elle Macpherson is so you get that for now, someone who's married to a lesbian, and fried food.

Hugh Jackman is a marvelous dancer and singer, and for my money that puts him above everyone else on that list. He's like the Travolta of Australia minus the ****** up cult.

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'I stopped drinking and taking aspirin!' Elle Macpherson, 50, divulges secrets to youthful looks as she shows off stunning figure in new photoshoot




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