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Why Your Team Sucks 2015: Atlanta Falcons


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The Falcons are the type of a team that will put up 50 and look like an actual contender for a Super Bowl in one week, and then in the very next week will play like they stole some players off the Georgia State roster.

We just fired the best coach the team has ever had because he was a ******* moron.

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I would like to focus on the positives:

-I no longer have to worry if Mike Smith is going to have a heart attack on the sideline

-I moved away from Atlanta, so I don’t have to pay extra taxes for the new stadium

-We beat the Saints (7-9) twice last year!

-Matt Bryant’s kicking game is on point

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For what it's worth, I'm pretty sure the writer is a Vikings fan. The Vikings are one of the few teams that even the Falcons can look down on.

I will say this was funny: "They’re like the Hawks, but football." and "The Braves just moved their stadium to Cobb County specifically so that poor people couldn’t access it."

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I hope this was a joke

Name ONE thing that wasnt factual in that post. ONE. The Cowboys got 5 rings, the Falcons zero. The Cowboys signed questionable players during the off season, and the falcons, being the choir boys they are, DIDNT. They PASSED on Gregory. They PASSED on Hardy........Whether you like it or not, or think it was a joke or serious, name ONE thing that wasnt factual about what was posted.


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