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So, I'm Lucky To Be Alive


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I know TATF,

So, just had a near death experience.

I was in the clear cut at Morningside, right beside the suspension bridge for those that know the park. I was communing with 3 deer, standing about 15 feet from a power line tower. Heard the sound of a tree falling. It was a huge Red Oak. I was about 50 feet from the tree. It was a very slow fall, because as we discovered later, it fell onto a smaller tree and that slowed its descent.

It took out several of the power lines, there was a huge crash, massive sparks and several explosions. The deer bolted. I did not move as fast as the deer, but I was moving.

Bent the tower I was standing next to, completely crumpled the tower on the other side of the tree from me. A transformer went out right after that. One of the huge power lines ended up a few feet away from me. If I’d been a few more feet into the cut, I could easily have been cut in half and electrocuted.

As it was, I carefully took a few pictures, chatted with others who had heard the explosions. I think I was closer than anyone else. I drove around to the other side to get another view of the crumpled tower.

And I laughed manically all the way home.


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That's some scary ****. Never been a fan of those near death experiences

Heard the tree falling, wasn't worried, because that's the reason for a clear cut, right? Take out all the trees that could fall across the lines?

Didn't have time to be scared, just had to move. Did take me awhile to get to sleep last night.

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