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Desmond Trufant's Opposing #1 Wr's For 2015

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Thought I would throw this thing together to see who our young elite corner will facing each week.Obviously some of these guys may play on the other side for some snaps or in the slot, but just in general this is what Trufant faces.

Week 1: Jordan Matthews, PHI

Week 2: O'Dell Beckham Jr., NYG

Week 3: Dez Bryant, DAL

Week 4: DeAndre Hopkins, HOU

Week 5: DeSean Jackson, WAS

Week 6: Brandin Cooks, NO

Week 7: Kendall Wright, TEN

Week 8: Mike Evans, TB

Week 9: Torrey Smith, SF

Week 11: T.Y. Hilton, IND

Week 12: Charles Johnson, MIN

Week 13: Mike Evans, TB

Week 14: Kelvin Benjamin, CAR

Week 15: Allen Robinson, JAC

Week 16: Kelvin Benjamin, CAR

Week 17: Brandin Cooks, NO

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Looks to me green is easy, yellow tougher and red is a load. If so, DeSean, Benjamin and Torrey might need to get upgraded.

Red is up there in an close to elite category, and those 3 players are not there. Smith and Jackson are just speedy, Tru can handle them. Benjamin isn't there yet.

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I think he is their slot but at ths point I thnk he is the best that they have.

being the best option they have doesnt make him the #1 receiver. Youre right, hes the slot guy unless they have other plans that non saints fans know nothing about. And im sure there will be that 1 person that memtions how many times he was targeted before he got injured. Please use common sense before doing so
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I just hope he shuts down wonderboy OBJ and Dez to let the masses know what time it is early. Hopkins, T.Y., Evans, and Benjamin should be challenges but dont sleep pn Jordan Matthews and Charles Johnson. Both shoukd be WR1 options for their teams this year as they had quietly good seasons

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