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20 Falcons' Storylines You Should Not Ignore

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AT least this post is far more realistic than most put on here, Maybe a little bit optimistic but that is far better than listening to the Mulligrubs on here ... I am a true believer in this off season, With Quinn being the best thing to ever happen to this team other than the year we got Reeves.

But in addition to getting the right coach only for the 2nd time in Falcon History, We also did have the best FA pick ups ever , and I believe the best draft ever by a Falcons team. Sad thing is a lot of people don't want to give any credit to TD,, but if not for him we would not have at least gotten The players we did to this point.. He deserves much more credit than most want to give him,, He's still a sharp dude on the Draft and doing what's necessary to right the ship. Only thing that matters is that Blank knew the worth of TD.

And Blank knew we needed Quinn as well. If the truth be known, I'd say TD had a lot to do with us getting Quinn also. Bottom line,,, There is a huge reason why Blank kept TD here. He's smart and has now made this team a top 5 team in the league.. Yeap, you heard me right ,, and it will be proven on the field this year.

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