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The Beautiful Stripper Cam Newton 'rescued' Will Soon Be Newton's Baby Mama!

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Cam Newton knows how to pick them. He met a gorgeous stripper named Hazel. She was working at a strip club called Stadium Club in Chocolate City, Washington D.C.

Cam seemed to like the flavor of his new friend Hazel and embarked upon an on and off relationshipwith the pole pro for a couple of years straight. News has it that Cam has been stuffing more than dollar bills in Hazel’s pretty thongs.

Reports speculate that the talented young woman is now pregnant with Cam Newton’s baby. Looks like the non-traditional couple has gone from a lap dance to bouncing a brand new baby on the lap.

There is no official EPT yet, but there are quite a number of photos showing Hazel’s body is experiencing a change in the torso area. It doesn’t take an obstetrician to tell the difference between ababy bump and a hearty night out at P.F. Chang’s.

Strippers need love too, so no one should judge. Sometimes you meet your wife to be in choirrehearsal, and sometimes you meet your wife to beworking the pole like a Cirque du Soleil acrobat. Talent is talent, love is love and family is family.Congrats to Cam and Hazel! Do you boo!

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