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Matt Ryan Can Prove He Belongs In Top Tier Of Qbs


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To clarify, I'm talking INT's specifically when there's no chance of winning, literally 0. I'm not talking about a last second hail marry to win the game. I remember the Bengals game he threw a worthless INT on the last play. We were down 8+ points so it's not like if Jones caught it we would've won. Whatever the result we would've lost the game. So why have Matt Ryan force a play? Idk, maybe it was Ryan's choice, but I bet coaching had some influence on that decision.

Well, if there is no chance of winning at all, then they should just take Matt out to alleviate risk of injury and put in the backup QB.

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None of this matters, an elite QB can elevate his 24th ranked defense to 5th

This is correct. Flaxxo is elite because his defense wuz number 3 twice an number 2 once. Flaxxo knows how to get Ray Lewis to play well.

Heck, everyone with a brain knows all Ray Lewis was, was Joplo Bartu + Joe Flacco's leadership.

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