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Morten Andersen Is So Old, That...

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I came across a video I uploadet to Youtube about 9 years ago, where our message board recieved national Danish recognition because of a thread that was posted here. I went to the thread hall of fame to read the thread because it should certainly be there, but it appears it is not - probably because the boards have gone through some makeovers over the course of the years and not all content from way back is available today.

Anyways, I thought some of you might get a kick out of watching the video, so here it is:

I am sure some of the more experienced posters can remember the thread. It was great fun.

ps. no clue how to embed the video, if aomeone would do it, that would be great.

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Haha! Most of the time it is as simple as deleting some crap from the end of the link. With Youtube you can just copy and paste the share link they give.

What is the exact name of the thread? I will see if I can find it and resurrect it.

that would be great, but I cannot remember the exact thread name. Morten and Old would definately be in the thread title...

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Morten Anderson is so old.....

His birth certificate says DAAAAAMMMMN

His first drivers license was etched in stone

His birthday is on IVXX

His first pet was a Dodo Bird

Jesus has a picture of him hanging in his living room

The Dos Equis man is impressed

He remembers when the Grand Canyon was just a mudhole

When the caveman invented fire he ran over and kicked it out

He was Marilyn Monroe's first

He still has a pager

He forgot what he was saying

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I remember that thread and it was awesome. I had not seen the video though, and I think it's so cool that the works of AFMB posters made it all the way to the players themselves, assuming Morten was alerted to the Dutch TV coverage. It's those few instances where the players really see the passion that fans on this board have, like the old hickry stick award, that make this board special

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