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Is Quinn The Best *hire*(Based On Consensus Opinion When Hired) We've Ever Made?

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I've been a fan since 98 so idk what the feeling was when we first brought Reeves in or anyone before him, but I think Quinn is the best hire we've made in my lifetime as a fan.

Mora Jr.- I remember seeing him in San Francisco thinking he would be a great HC and being excited when he was coming here.

Petrino- the guy is worse than the sweat from under your gooch but I thought he was gonna be good at the time.

Smith- I had the same thought of "who?" when we first hired him but I was just glad he wasn't Parcells or one of his cronies.

EDIT: I meant at the time they were hired. The consensus opinion/hype/etc

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Idk how it was with the other coaches, but there are at least some quantifiable reasons that Quinn could be a better coach and Smitty was. The most obvious reason is that he's revamped the offseason training process, including a fast paced training style, loud music, and a large staff to consistently motivate players to keep getting stronger and better. All of these improvements could easily translate to better performance on the field. That, in itself, could completely change the quality of this team. All I'm saying is that, even though we can't evaluate how good a coach Quinn will be until we seem him on the field, there is articulable reason for thinking he will be better.

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Not old enough to know how high profile a lot of the Falcon's HC's were when first getting signed, but it's definitely a different feeling from the last few. Quinn was widely considered the best HC candidate out there this offseason, and we hung on all the way through for him.

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You're going to need to edit the title man. People aren't going to read the OP after reading that title.

Even then you're going to get the same responses more than likely.

Smh you're right. Done.

not many will read the OP with a title involving a question that can't be answered

The question was valid. I didn't ask if he's the best coach we've ever had. That's impossible to answer. What I asked is like asking if Vic Beasley is the best pass rushing prospect we've ever drafted compared to Bruce, Anderson, etc. coming in

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Hate to say it, but if we're only looking at outlook from the date of hire, Petrino looked pretty **** good.

Yup. Petrino was probably the best hire going by OP criteria. Someone who jump from the collegian rank to the NFL is usually a big deal(Kelly, Carroll, Harbaugh, Spurrier, etc...). Coordinators to HC are dime a dozen.

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