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Tom Brady Learns From Bountygate.


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The Boston Globe expects Tom Brady to take an "all-or-nothing" approach to the appeal of his four-game suspension, taking the NFL to court if Roger Goodell does not eliminate the ban entirely.

In other words, Brady won't be satisfied with a one- or two-game reduction of his four-game ban. He wants the entire thing expunged, and is willing to go to court to ensure it happens. Turning 38 in two weeks, Brady is believed to be very concerned with his legacy, and views the suspension for ball deflation as a black mark on his resume. Brady met with Goodell 23 days ago to appeal his ban. Goodell has recently needed 5-6 weeks to hand down appeal rulings.
The courts do have a history of overturning NFL discipline like Adrian Peterson this past February and Jonathan Vilma following the Bountygate scandal.
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