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Adult Video Star Mia Khalifa Blasts Bills Safety Duke Williams For Twitter Dms


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Adult video star and noted Florida State Seminoles fan Mia Khalifa has lots of fans. According to Wikipedia, she’s the #1 ranked star on Pornhub. Chances are there are dozens or maybe even hundreds of NFL players who are familiar with her work.

However, only one NFL player tried to direct message Mia Khalifa on Twitter five times over the last five months, only to have her turn around and put him on blast. And that one NFL player is Buffalo Bills safety Duke Williams.

Take a look:


Khalifa tweeted that out on Sunday. We took a screen cap rather than embedding the tweet just in case it disappears in the future.

Obviously, Williams comes off as a thirsty little teenager in all this. However, he does not say anything disrespectful or inappropriate.

To be honest, I think Mia Khalifa comes off looking like the jerk here. She probably receives hundreds of filthy messages from pervert a-holes every week. She probably only singled out Williams because he’s famous.

That said, Williams should know better. When you play with fire, eventually you’re gonna get burned.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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