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Atlanta Falcons: Justin Hardy An Upgrade?


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I recommend clicking on the link since the formatting comes out on here terrible but some eyeopening info from the text:

Hardy's 387 receptions is an all-time FBS record.

12 of Matt Ryan’s 31 interceptions the last 2 seasons have come when he’s thrown to Douglas. This works out to 38.7% which is an incredibly high amount compared to the rest of the Falcons’ receivers corps.

Julio Jones and Roddy White have the next highest amount of interceptions come when they’ve been targeted but that’s only been 4 each which works out to just 12.9% of Ryan’s 31.

Another way to look at this is INT %. Using Pro-Football-Reference’s target data;

Julio Jones: 222 targets, 4 interceptions – 1.80%

Roddy White: 220 targets, 4 interceptions – 1.82%

Harry Douglas: 204 targets, 12 interceptions – 5.88%


The rest of the article just talks about the strengths and weaknesses of Douglas and Hardy but those numbers were interesting.

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It will be interesting--my guess --as I see it now ----still early





L. Robinson----------------Hester------------------------Henderson


Drew Davis------------------Weems

I'm not sure #3 is an upgrade --I'm taking a wait and see

I do feel 4,5,6 is better than 2014 even if 2 are the same players

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