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Atlanta Falcons: Top 5 Rbs Of All Time

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The play above (Andrews 86 yard TD on 3rd and 16) is my favorite non-playoff Falcons play. The whole world knew we would "punt" to the dump off. The DB is broken down in perfect position. William Andrews blows him up then sprints past 3 other Broncos before they could trap him against the boundary. Where do you see a man with that size, power, and above average speed? Wow.

Canton. In the Hall of Fame. That's where.

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You wouldn't even consider AP or Sanders eh? I mean, you said it, Andrews had a great team around him - neither of them really did/do. But Andrews is ridiculous either way.

Nope. Both are undeniably great players, so I will explain my reasoning.

AP is probably a better runner, but I've never heard of him as much of a receiving threat. I have no idea if he can block, but even if he is competent, Andrews ' blocking was far in excess of "competent". Admittedly, unless we're playing them, I don't keep up with the Vikings.

Sanders was more exciting to watch, was faster and more elusive, but didn't have Andrews' size or strength. Sanders was usually pulled in goalling and short yardage situations for this very reason. Also, Sanders' blocking made Devonta Freeman look good.

Andrews' blocking and dangerous potential as a receiver means that if it were up to me, yes: I would choose him over AP and Sanders. His blocking would provide his QB a longer lifespan; his receiving ability would provide a terrific safety valve. His powerful runs and speed into the secondary would provide a valid threat to keep defenses honest.

Sweetness would be second to Andrews.

There are a dozen ot two great backs you can build a franchise around: Andrews is simply the first one I would pick.

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I think the writer selected the right guys. All of them wore a Falcon jersey for five or more years, played in at least 75 games and led the team in rushing a minimum of four seasons. Two are Falcon Ring of Famers. The next inductee should be the Burner. I would change the author's order and rank them:

5. Warrick Dunn (84.6 total yards per game with a 40% TD per game percentage) - The little engine that could. Could run inside and outside. Was very good in the pass game as a receiver and pass protector. Was a D in DVD, which was fourth in rushing in 2002 and led the league in 2004, 2005 and 2006. Reeves and Knapp got a lot out of Dunn.

4. Jamal Anderson (79.3 total yards per game with a 47% TD per game percentage) - carried the 1998 team to our only Super Bowl. Hard runner that delivered punishment on every run. Brought swag to the 98 team. Career derailed by two major knee injuries. Would have been higher on the list if he'd stayed healthy.

3. Gerald Riggs (88.1 total yards per game with a 53% TD per game percentage) - played on the worst teams in the non expansion Falcon era. Constantly faced nine plus in the box. Ran over plenty defenses. Could arguably be rated second.

2. Michael Turner (87.2 total yards per game with a 81% TD per game percentage) - a freakin touchdown machine. No Falcon running back got in the end zone like The Burner. Most of his TDs were in the red zone, but several were on long runs. Was the main reason we went 56-24 from 2008-2012.

1. William Andrews (99.2 total yards per game with a 47% TD per game percentage) - well what can I say? Just the best Falcon back of all time. By far. Nobody else even close. Four straight Pro Bowls. In his prime, many media types thought he was better than Sweetness. Dude would have a 1300 yard rushing year, catch 80 balls and block for another 1000 yard back. Sweetness never did that. As beater. Trust me. Knee injury robbed him.

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Some observations: Out of all of them, Riggs was the best pure runner. He had it all: quickness, speed, size, power, vision. That year he gained 1700 plus yards? Riggs handled the ball well over 300 times and did not fumble -once-. And as FFS1970 pointed out, Riggs got his yards when our QBs were a beat up Bart for one year, Dave Archer and Scott Campbell. Chris Miller was a very green QB when Riggs played with him. Washington ended up trading us a first and second for Riggs. ALSO: I know Andrews is seen as a big power back, but...he only weighed 205-210 lbs. Andrews played at a time when O and D linemen were considered big at 280. Anderson Riggs and Turner were all big backs, starting at 235 (Riggs) and ending in Turner (245).

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It was one of my favorite plays. The one below is also one of my all-time favorites.


Probably the greatest falcon play of all time. He just dragged thomas like a freaking horse, then went on to break more tackles. Turner in his prime was a force of nature. It is too bad that Smittiot and Tdummy couldn't put a better line together for him to save their lives.

I would rank Anderson higher as well, Anderson is the reason I'm a falcons fan.

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I would flip-flop Dunn and Anderson as Jamal was a bigger part of overall offense and of course our super bowl year, but everyone else looks great...

Agree, and if we had not had JA, I can truly say, we would not have made it to the SB. He was the main reason we made it.. Very very clear if you were here and saw the season play out JA was the MVP to the SB team. I think if we were to win or go to a SB now, It will be because of Ryan. He is the key to this team. He just needed help, and Blank @ Co. went out and got it this off season..

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More Falcon RB stats:

All Pro Seasons

Turner - 1

Anderson - 1

Andrews - 0

Riggs - 0

Dunn - 0

Pro Bowl Seasons

Andrews - 4

Riggs - 3

Turner - 2

Anderson - 1

Dunn - 1

Yards Per Carry

Andrews - 4.6

Turner - 4.3

Riggs - 4.2

Dunn - 4.2

Anderson - 4.0

Yards Per Reception

Anderson - 10.5

Andrews - 9.6

Dunn - 8.0

Turner - 7.7

Riggs - 7.4

Total Yards Per Game

Andrews - 99.2

Riggs - 88.1

Turner - 87.2

Dunn - 84.6

Anderson - 79.3

Total TDs Per Game

Turner - .81

Riggs - .53

Andrews - .47

Anderson - .47

Dunn - .40

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I concur with this list, although I can see how some might want to reshuffle the order. Without doubt, William Andrews deserves the number one spot. Having played fullback at Auburn, very few expected him to be the back he became in the NFL. My high school played a William Andrews led Thomasville team for the AAA State Championship. We were winning until he ran over us in the last minutes of the fourth quarter. He just kept pounding and never quit. He was special, and could have had an HOF career if not for injury.

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