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Incredible Interactive Graphic: Team Performances Over Different Spans Of Time


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I like the graphics. It really does make it obvious that 2008-2012 was an island of success in a great red sea, Otherwise it's just a blue year here or there. Here's hoping for a blue shift going forward. If you look through the data for different teams, it's obvious such shifts can and do happen.

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The fins will be angry that their undefeated season in 72 is ranked 7th best.

It isn't ranked quite like that. The Dolphins won 14 games in '72, and 14 wins is a tie for the 7th-best season ever.

Our '98 season (14-2) is also considered tied for 7th-best.

There was one 16 win season ('07 Patriots) and have been five 15 win seasons, all tied for 2nd in this data. The most recent of those was the '11 Packers.

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the difference between the falcons and everybody dam near is unreal. We have been bad forever. We dont appreciate the winning matt ryan and smitty brought...quinn has to live up to that

Least we aren't the Cardinals!

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