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No vids but I did find some un authorized **** on youtube feel free to check it while it's still up

Guitarist for this band, but originally Bass on this live then towards the end of our Run 2nd vocalist.

so pretty much did it all but drums at some point or another

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Not active currently, but the most recent band I was in was called Black Skies. I played guitar & sang. It was heavy, psychedelic music that drew comparisons to bands like early Black Sabbath, the Melvins, Mastodon, etc.

From 2005-2013 we put out 2 full length albums & 3 EPs, did 3 full month long U.S. tours, a string of Canadian shows, and countless smaller 1-2 week long tours of the eastern half of the U.S.

You can listen to everything we recorded here:


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Ah, good sh*t. Played there with Devin The Dude a few years back and the backroom last fall w/ J-Live and Thee Thom Hardy (he's from that area).

Yeah, man. I worked that Devin The Dude show, and I remember you all were in the backroom last time you came around, just couldn't remember who it was with.

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