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Espn: Underrated Kyle Shanahan In His Best Role Yet

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Didn't see this before, pretty good stuff. You know Kyle is stoked to finally have a guy like Matt as QB. I think regardless of outcome this is going to be a very fun year as a Falcon fan.

Think it goes both ways too. Have to think that Matt is stoked to have an OC like shanahan. Ryan has probably looked at Schuab's 2008 [2009?] season and smiled.

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Guest Mr Plow

All numbers aside, to me the most relevant part of the ESPN article is what Coach Quinn said about how when he was a defensive coordinator he hated going up against Kyle because of his system and his ability to adjust. If Dan Quinn hated going up against Kyle Shanahan, that's good enough for me. emot-tiphat.gif

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Guest Mr Plow

What is this "Adjusting" that you speak of?

Oh, you must mean that thing where we abandon the run after the first drive, right?

No. I was talking about the article and how it repeatedly mentioned Kyle's ability to adjust his system to the strengths and weaknesses of his players. emot-munch.gif

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