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Matt Ryan Throwback Fathead 39.99

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Just a word of caution about Fathead products, one of their selling points is that they will peel off without damaging the wall. Completely untrue in my case as I just moved and had to remove a total of 4 Fatheads from my man cave wall and on each one it took the paint off the walls with it. I ended up having to skim coat my walls with plaster and repaint the entire room. The guy that bought my house said he had the exact same experience when he took his down as well...My house was built in 2007 and painted with Pittsburgh paints from the same year so it's not like the paint was really old or anything...

The real pisser is, when I reached out to Fathead about it, they offered to replace each one at no charge then proceeded to never mail them and have not responded to anymore of my inquiries. A shame, they make a cool product, but I'd never stick them to my walls again and their poor customer service prevents me from ever endorsing them.

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It's ironic that I posted that this morning because later today out of the blue I got a shipping notification that they shipped my replacements after almost 2 months of not hearing a peep from them.. I doubt I'll use them but it's good that I'm getting my replacements none the less.

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Fathead is having a pretty great sale for a couple more days. All items 50-60% off.

I just got the Matt Ryan Throwback for $39.99, reg. 99.99. Just thought I'd share in case anyone is interested.



As many have seen...already own it.

Snooch to the Booch....

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