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Paytons Chicken Is Cooked! He Is Done. His Days Are Numbered.


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National football writer Peter King has again suggested Sean Payton and the New Orleans Saints could soon part ways. Perhaps as soon as after the 2015 season, he wrote for themmqb.com.

King floated the idea -- just as he did late in the 2014 season -- in a countdown of the 100 most influential people for the 2015 season. The website listed Payton at No. 44.

King wrote the Saints' trades this offseason were done to toughen a team he said had gone soft.

The message in the organization is clear: The Saints must get significantly better on defense to be competitive in a strong NFC this year. Not the NFC South; the division is relatively weak, and there's no reason a flawed team can't win it. But winning the NFC in what might be Payton's last year in New Orleans—he'll deny even thinking about it, but his mentor in the coaching business is wanderlusting Bill Parcells—will take a major upgrade on defense. And in toughness.

Our Larry Holder wrote in 2014 Payton seemed unlikely to leave the Saints for as long as Drew Brees continued to play quarterback. That seems to be a reasonable point.

Read King's full assessment here.

Done da done done...... DONEEEEEEEE

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