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Nfc South Predictions: If Xxxx Happens, The Falcons Will Win The Nfc South...

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Heard this concept on a podcast, thought it was a cool idea. I'd like to think we know more about our team/division than Bucky Brooks...!

I'd suggest ground rules would be to discount major injuries to starting QBs, because that's just boring.

I'll start.


"If we finish top 10 in rushing and find 2 emerging stars on D, we will win the South. Comfortably"

"If the front 7 still can't generate pressure, we come 3rd. (Ryan and our offense will be too good for last)


"If Cam Newton could develop any kind of accuracy/vision, the panthers would win the south"

"If Cam Newton stays the same, the panthers will come 2nd" (The D# is no joke)


"If the Saints re-sign jimmy graham, run the ball heavily and actually play D, the Saints will come second." (couldn't do it)

"If the Saints rely on the pass too much and defend like last year, they get beaten up baaad"


"If Winston isn't a bust, the Bucs will come fourth"

"If Wisnton is a bust, the Bucs will come fourth"

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If the Falcons can generate consistent pressure on the qb this year they will win the south.

If Scam Newton can live up to his contract the panties will win.

If the saints can do a bunch of things right they still won't win the south.

I don't think the bucs win it...

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If we can avoid catastrophic injuries and the defense can play average football, we will win the NFC south.

If the Saints OL can reset on the move and rush the ball with authority AND their defense is closer to 2013 than 2014, they'll win the NFC South

If Cam can stay healthy AND the OL isn't the trainwreck that it looks like AND Funchess is better than anyone expects, the Panthers will win the NFC South

If Winston plays up to his potential AND the OL plays better AND the Bucs somehow find a pass rush, they might contend for a wild card.

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If the Falcons OL stays healthy and even plays at an average level, then the Falcons win the NFC South

The Saints win the division if Drew Brees stops declining, if their defense plays better, and if they can find solid receiving options.

The Panthers win the division if their O-line miraculously plays well and if Cam Newton is more consistent.

The Bucs win the division only if you are playing Madden. It ain't gonna happen...

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The Falcons finish 1st if the show up to every game.

The Panties finish 2nd if they show up to every game.

The Taints finish 3rd if they show up to every game.

The Sucs finish last whether they show up to every game or not.

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