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Go Trade For Rudy Gay To Play The 3

rollo lawson

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Why not trade teague (8 million) and Splitter (8,5million) for Cousin (14 million).Here is the numbers.


15.9 2.5 7 8MILLION

SPLITTER 8.2 4.8 1,5 8,5million

TOTAL 24.1 7.3 8.5 16.5MILLION

Cousin 24 12.7 3.6 14Million

Schroder 10 2.1 4.1 1.7Million

Total 34 14.8 7.7 15.7Million

We gain 10 more points a game 7 more rebounds and lost one assist and saved 800,000.

What killed us in playoffs rebounds no bench help and a go to guy.cousin could be the answer.

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I was just saying Cousin could put the hawks where they needed to be to compete in playoffs and kings won 29 games last year I dont think they would do any worse with Teague and Splitter. Please address this next year and add up ppg rebounds and asst and lets see who has the highest total.I feel like Splitter numbers will increase with the hawks because of more playing time.I know neither player is what Cousin is.But could you explain to me what you think Cousin trade value would be.Please give me a example.

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Getting rid of Teague would be ********. He's the facilitator that makes our offense work. He has completely bought in and has finally learned how to be the PG that this offense needs. At times it's clear he deviates, but then you see him realize he made a mistake and needs to get back in the system and play it right, and that's when we gel and everything else falls into place.

Schroder hasn't figured this out yet. He's a year, maybe two, behind where Teague is now. The entire offense runs different, smoother, just better, when Teague is in the Coach Bud system zone and facilitating the transition from Defense to Offense.

The LAST thing we want to do right now is trade Jeff Teague. Reggie Jackson just got a 5 year $80M contract with the Pistons. That's $16M a year for a 17 point (43% shooting), 9 assist per game PG with very little around him. We have Teague for $8M a year right now giving us 16 points (46% shooting) and 7 assists in only 30 minutes and on the leading assist team in the league. He'd be a 20/10 guy on a team like the Pistons, easy.

Just STOP talking about trading away Jeff Teague. It would be a monumental mistake.

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