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Tevin Coleman Draft Day Feature

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Loved that last statement he made, ,God had a plan for me... This young man has a level head on his shoulders. He very well could be the best back in this draft. Sure hope so.

I think the Atlanta Falcons have a plan for him... ph34r.png

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Looking at his highlights I am reminded about how he carry's the ball in his left hand all the time, haven't heard anything about him working on shifting the ball in his right hand when he is running to the right.

probably won't hear anything until he fumbles the first time because of it.

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I really like our RBs. I like this pick a lot. I think he will be a distant second fiddle to Freeman, but he will be thrilling to watch in his touches. He could be very similar to Smith.

I just watched about 10 minutes of highlights. I never saw him touch the ball with his right hand. I also saw zero big plays where he was contacted at or behind the line. In most cases he's at full speed and yards down field before first touch. Once to the second level, he is great at shedding tackles. I do think his lack of big plays with contact at or behind the LOS, and the way he carries the ball will work against him at the next level. You just won't see the space in the NFL that you see in 100% of his college YouTube highlight reels.

Also, even though he carries the ball toward the middle of the field when running right, he does carry the ball high and tight. At least his technique is sound. You never see much space between his body and the ball. I just think Freeman will be better doing the dirty work. Coleman is clearly the better home run threat.

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