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How Old Were You When Atlanta Got Their Franchise?


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Let's just say I was old enough to experience every minute of that year and young enough now to still remember the experience.

Oh and we were Steeler fans before Atlanta was awarded the franchise. We were also Milwaukee Braves fans and delirious that year because they were coming to Atlanta!

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5 when they got it, 6 when they 1st played. Randy Johnson lived in our apartments while his house was being built. My sister babysat for them and my mom kept in touch with his wife long after he was out of the league. Very sad story.

55 now and tired of waiting and tired of losing. The current owner is a marketing man not a CEO hence the load of people at the top and a team that switches identities frequently so we can be whats hip. But hey, we got a catchy jingle in Falcons rise up and a PSL for the long suffering faithful.

New coach, new scheme, here we go again.

My dad never got to see them get to the bowl. I want rings. I want my team to be feared not laughed at. Arthur, I don't want to be the cheater Patriots of the south, I want our own identity. I want players that will kick your a** if you cheap shot our QB.

Sorry, 2 seasons of pent up frustration.

GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!

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I was 9 and lemme tell ya,,,,,,, To be a City with an NFL team

was bib big news!!!!!!!!

Nobody envisioned the embarrasing seasons to follow,, but

the only thing that mattered and still does to this day is that

"WE" The Atlantans have an NFL Team.

Try living in a City that has not a team,,,,,,,,,,.like Jacksonville!

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