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Proudest/best Moments We've Ever Had


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As we have a thread on our most humiliating moment as a franchise, how about our proudest moments? Before someone points out the obvious, yes I know these positive moments ultimately never resulted in a championship (and some will say that the subsequent failings take away from some of these accomplishments), but I think we can still take something positive from them:-

- Gritz Blitz setting the modern NFL record for fewest PPG conceded in 1977

- Big Ben Right

- Deion Sanders chasing down Don Beebe from a standing start after giving him a 10 year head start in a game against the Bill in about 1989.

- Beating the 9ers twice in 1991 and stopping them and Philly from making the playoffs. It was great to cost them something important, given the way they usually dominated us at the time.

- Joe Fishback's "lateral" to Deion Sanders on the play that won the 1991 playoff in the Pooperdome [OK the "lateral" was called back, but the INT sealed the game and I still loved that play. It kept the Saints winless in the playoffs for more than another 10+ years.

- Morten Andersen's Game winning FG in the 1998 NFCCG. Our whole performance epitomised "guts" in that game, hanging in against what was - at the time - the best offence in NFL history.

- Becoming the first dome team to play in a SB

- Becoming the first team to beat the pack in the Playoffs at Lambeau. Others have done it since. we were the first.

- Vick's game winning run against the Vikings

- The huge whipping we put on the rams in the 2004 playoffs. IIRC we set a whole bunch of playoff records that day and it was sweet payback for the hammerings we took from them from 99-03.

- The way our organisation helped the city of New Orleans after Katrina. I remember reading an article which said that we gave more money than any other NFL franchise in the NFL. The mark of a class organisation.

- the 11 second comeback against the Bears in 2008 (or was in 09?)

- Earning the #1 seed in 2010 & 2012

- Picking Brees off 5 times and ending his streak of games with a passing TD

- Beating out playoff Jinx in 2012

I am sure that I am forgetting plenty, and the first 2 in the list pre-date my fandom. List your favourites.

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Of course the andersen fg.

Beating the Saints last year and knocking them out of playoff contention was one of the best feelings even during a p1ss poor season.

Some wont like this one, but when Vick came back against the Panthers. The Dome was as loud and electric as I've ever heard it. All those white towels waving in unison was a thing of beauty. And the game was intense.

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This thread is a much needed antidote to that other one. My two moments are:

Ryan to Jenkins for a 62-yd TD against the Lions. Ryan's first pass as a pro.

Ryan to Jenkins again, against the Bears, sideline route, beautiful pass, over-the-shoulder catch, kill the clock, set up the winning field goal with seconds remaining.

These two plays told me there was magic in this team.


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I forget who we were playing a few years ago, but I remember that we were two scores down with little time left on the clock. Fans were leaving the dome like rats on a sinking ship, including me. I had a little portable radio with ear plugs, that I listened to on the walk to the Marta station. We scored twice in the final minute to win the game, but as I was jumping up and down, yelling we won, we won...nobody would believe me....nobody. If anybody remembers who we played, please enlighten me.

Ya got me. Maybe someone else will chime in.


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I also remember one of my buddies telling me to "enjoy Michael turners game against the lions cause he's never running like that again"

Yeah, I got the last laugh on that one.

Also any time the Falcons beat the Rams is cool too because all of my compadres are Rams fans (until next year but don't get me started)

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Had to be the NFCCG against Minnesota. I remember them saying right before Gary Anderson kicked that he hadn't missed in forever and we all were like well games over.....everything after that was just pure euphoria. We went to the airport that night to meet the team as they came in from Minnesota. Still the coolest night of my childhood, I'll never forget any of that.

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Two of the most recent past ones that stand out to me are the Bears game where it was pretty much over and Matt Ryan hit Jenkins on the sidelines with a seond left and we won with a field goal.. It was truely an epic win! All the bears thought it as their game.. lol I still smile when i think of that..

Also the 30-17 victory over the eagles that stretched our win streak to 7-0 when no one in the media thought we could beat them.. **** the falcons had not won a game in philly since 1988 until that game and we were underdogs by three points i think!.. LOL stomped that eagle azz~~!! a 3-3 team leading into that got all the respect.. lol shows what the media knows..

The one that stands out to me as just a hands down azz spanking was the one eli manning and company took in 2012.. 34-0 romp!! total beat down in every conceivable way!! I will never forget that one! That was sweet revenge!!! oh yeah..

oh yeah and every single falcons win over the SWAMP RAT TAINTS since 1982!!

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I haven't been a fan for too long to remember a lot of the older days, so my proudest moment was the game winning FG against the Seahawks in the playoffs. Never been so excited and proud to be a fan of this team after watching that whole emotional roller coaster of a game.

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