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Can Tevin Coleman Rush For 1,000 Yards As A Rookie?

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Of course it could be rookie mistakes. I never denied the possibility of improvement. I simply will not assume that improvement is automatic. In the end, I want the best RB to succeed, and I don't care what the name or number on the jersey is.

Right now he is our best RB. Coleman is completely unproven and nobody knows how well his pass protection will be or how long it will take him to learn the playbook. Most are already writing in smith as the 3rd back and his ability on special teams means he's probably not going to be getting significant touches.

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I am also talking about Freeman, and I don't care what he did in college. I am going by what he showed in his rookie year.

Adequate as a runner. Not special, not terrible: adequate and servicable.

Decent as a receiver. Again, nothing special, nothing awful. Just reasonably adequate.

Poor blocker.

That all adds up to an adequate, pedestrian, limited showing as a rookie.

Could the coaching have been holding him back? Possible, but doubtful. Koetter is not a bad OC.

Could he get better, particularly his blitz pick-up ability? Certainly, it is possible. But how much improvement will there be? I have no idea.

As I said, I don't care what the name and number are on the starting RB's jersey. I simply want whoever it is to bust out the whuppin' stick on the rest of the league, and make the list on next year's "All Time Top 5 Falcons RB" list.

Your opinion is noted. Does not mean that your are right or everyone agrees with you.

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