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Quinn Misquoted


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Well, there went the plot for a potential Disney movie.

Falcons coach Dan Quinn says he was joking when he recently suggested that the team would be interested in 53-year-old running back Herschel Walker, who continues to say he could still play in the NFL.

“Look, what I said about Herschel being one of my all-time favorite players is true, but nobody should take seriously what I said about having room on the team for him,” Quinn said, via Chris Mortensen of ESPN. “I love him, yes, but some of that was in jest. I love the running backs we have on our roster. We had a great offseason, and I’m excited about going into training camp with that group.”

Quinn admits he wasn’t misquoted when he said the Falcons “have room” for Walker, but that his words were misinterpreted. It wasn’t clear based on the initial report from the Atlanta Journal Constitution whether Quinn was serious about being interested in Walker.

So, to summarize, if Walker is going to launch a wrong-side-of-50 return to the NFL, he’ll be doing it somewhere other than Atlanta.

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