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Braves At Pirates, 6/26-6/28


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Guest facelessman07

We need to keep losing honestly, it helps the chances of getting rid of Fredi. It's worth it

Yunno, similar to the way things played out for the Falcons

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I'm gonna break the silence right now. I'm tired of being polite! I'm tired of being polite to YOU! What you've just witnessed punches me right in the gut! It is clear this team has no margin for error. This team has to play a perfect game in order to win consistently. They simply cannot overcome the back and forth between cold hitting and bad bullpen work, and the consistent pathetic, sad-sack, hapless, no-good, hair-brained managing we get from Fredi Gonzalez.

Changes have to be made NOW. House cleaning from top to bottom. Bring the prospects up to make them earn their wings. Go ahead and bring in the manager that will lead the young players in the future.

There was no excuse for Fredi leaving Perez in tonight after he got hit. Hart should have donned a uniform and come out to replace Fredi.

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W Perez is in a walking boot. Said his foot tightened up during warmup pitches. X Rays were negative. Apparently its an ankle issue. I would expect the Braves not to play with it since Williams has proven himself at this level. Could mean its Banuelos time.

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