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Did Anyone Catch The Vic Beasley Interview On Nfl Network?


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Guest facelessman07

Every player talks about doing whatever it takes to win the Super Bowl BUT with a coach who's won a ring along with shutting down/embarrassing what some thought was an unstoppable offense, the scale seems to be tipping in our favor

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Here's part of it.....

Vic Beasley will have a non-stop motor as a rookie
June 25, 2015

Vic Beasley is entering the NFL with a large chip on his shoulder and with that, he wants to alter perception of him being just a pass rusher. According Tiffany Blackmon of nfl.com, Vic Beasley plans to prove that he is an every down player on defense.

The Atlanta Falcons defense had a lot of holes entering the 2015 NFL draft before selecting Beasley with the 8th overall pick in round one, especially in terms of pass-rushing.

The rookie alone won’t solve all of their problems but given his work ethic and high energy, he will definitely have his fair share of opportunities to disrupt opposing offenses in 2015.

That was a gaping hole on their defense and one that Vic Beasley will hope to boost, but it’s in the run game and coverage that he wants to earn respect and change the notion, he can only do one thing well.

Vic Beasley told Blackmon,

One would only hope that every good player that comes out of college, shares the same desires as Vic Beasley, because in the NFL, you can’t be one-dimensional and have longevity.

“I think I’m an every-down player. I think that’s just motivation for me to go out there and prove that I can be an every-down player.”

Instead, players must constantly reinvent themselves especially when their skills fade or adjustments are made by opposing coaching staffs to whatever their strengths are.

That is not lost upon Vic Beasley either because he knows he was brought in to get to the quarterback, but he also knows that the team needs him to contribute in other facets this year as well.

The rookie went on to say,

“(My role) is definitely to get after the quarterback,” he said. “I think Coach (Dan) Quinn brought me in to get after the quarterback and I think that’s my permanent goal this year.”

On offense, the Falcons are as lethal as any team in professional football with quarterback Matt Ryan leading the way along with big-time playmakers Julio Jones, Roddy White, Devonta Freeman and fellow rookie Tevin Coleman who is expected to help improve the run-game.

For the young player, it is expected that he will not have much of a learning curve and can come in right away to make plays on defense, and he knows that if the defense can approve to go along with the explosive offense, they can get to some of their main goals for 2015.

“The goal is to win the
and I just want to help the team accomplish that goal.”

Can Vic Beasley, prove to everyone how dangerous he can be in multiple areas on defense?

The guy has a lot of talent and is definitely capable of it, but he is not the only one who needs to bring the goods for Atlanta, he is just one of the biggest ones under a microscope that needs to work hard to avoid the draft “bust” label down the road.


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IDK about the interview. I watched it and Vic sounded uncomfortable. Not that much of a camera guy. His responses seemed canned and cliche.However they were the "right" answers. Exactly what most coaches and GMs would like to hear from their #6 pick.

But as far as his contribution on the field, I think the sky is the limit!!

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